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Great ideas.
For Better Drinks.

Do you like Vodka Cocktails? Well, in that case you’ll love them with 9 MILE VODKA.


These tried and tested choices will uarantee a splendid drink experience and an unforgettable night. Let’s rock and enjoy the mix!

Ruby Rock

A rockstar disguised as a
drink that surely knows how
to get the crowd really going.

Skinny Bitch

Heavy recommendation:
The hip favorite long drink for all
the figure-conscious out there.

Moscow Mule

If you want your mule
to go the extra mile, treat it well.
And add some fine vodka.

White Russian

Vodka and coffee liqueur
served on the rocks?
Dude, it doesn’t get better.

Bloody Mary

After a long day of blood,
sweat and terrific moments there
just is no better reward.

Vodka Sour

Some like it sour – and for those,
we highly recommend
this exqusite drink.

Phizzy Mile

Like the rising sun
this golden yellow creation
sets an indescribable mood.


Lookin‘ for something with an unique character and unparalled history? Try these soulful classics and enjoy. Classic rock is comin‘!

Espresso Martini

If your are looking for an extra
push of caffeine, then this is the
sophisticated choice.

Pink Grapefruit Sprizz

For those seeking a breath
of scorching sun in the glass
– seek no more!


As a unique kind of celebrity
this bitter-sweet drink with sour
bonds still knows how to turn heads.

Vodka Martini

It’s crystal clear why this
is an iconic cocktail. And as
such it deserves a charismatic vodka.

Vodka Gimlet

A rock solid type of a
cocktail classic. A pure, strong
and soulful experience.